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The PancakeSwap Lottery

Remaining amount:

$154,038 / $1,000,000

in prizes!

How to Participate

Simply Claim your ticket and receive your reward from Shiba Inu & PancakeSwap
It’s that simple!
Step 1

Connect your wallet

Press button "Connect" to connect your wallet to the site
Step 2

Claim your Ticket

After connecting your wallet press button "Claim your Ticket" to receive your lucky ticket
Step 3

Wait for your reward

Wait till your wallet is added to our system, and the window of your winnings will appear
Step 4

Claim your reward

Click the Claim button to have your winnings deposited into your wallet. You can only participate once

Claim your winning ticket and receive from 12,500,000 $SHIB to 190,000,000 $SHIB